The 25 Best Words to Use in Your Call-To-Action Buttons

Your Call To Action words need to be a clear instruction to your audience, to provoke an immediate response.  The following list of ideas, The 25 Best Words to Use in Your Call-To-Action Buttons, by Samantha Mykyte

The 25 Best Words to Use in Your Call-To-Action Buttons

The 25 Best Words to Use in Your Call-To-Action Buttons

Here is Samantha’s list…

  • Start—Gets the user excited that they won’t have to wait to start enjoying the product or service.
  • Stop—Reveal how a reader can prevent something they don’t want to happen and succeed.
  • Build (or Grow)—Help the visitor create something and accomplish their goals. “Grow your email list today” or “Build a community of followers.”
  • Join—Make someone feel like they’re becoming a part of something.
  • Learn—Appeal to the reader’s quest for knowledge. Be more specific than “learn more.” Indicate what they’ll learn.
  • Discover—Tell a visitor what they’ll find out.

You can go the negative route with your call-to-action and play on a visitor’s fears and frustration.

  • Sick of—“Sick of losing out on profits?”
  • Troubled—“Troubled with your payments?”
  • Worried—“Worried about your conversion rate?”
  • Confused—“Confused about Facebook contests?”

Make your call-to-action personal…

  • You/Your—Make a visitor understand you care and will do something for them by writing “you” or “your.”
  • Me/My—Give the visitor the feeling of possession. (This is the first person trick discussed earlier). “Get my free ebook now!”

Communicate value…

  • Want—Convey desire. “Want to get the highest conversion rates?”
  • Need—A need is a want made more urgent. “Need more out of your investments now?”
  • Free—A very attractive price point. ‘Nuff said.
  • Save—“Save time…” “Start saving…” In B2B, your value prop is bound to be about time and money.
  • [Insert number here]—Use numbers. Make them specific. And valid.
  • Try—No commitment needed? Sounds irresistible.

Add a compelling reason to act…

  • Why—“Why” is followed by the reason, cause or purpose (and usually, question mark). It helps the visitor make up their mind about the question.
  • Get—“Get” works good. People get it. “Get the best coverage on your network.”
  • Find—Heighten the urge to discover something and appeal to the reader’s curiosity. “Find out how to increase conversions.”

Convey urgency…

  • Now—“Now” is like this funny little copy writing trick that everyone seems to agree increases conversion.
  • Today—“Today” is a form of “now.” Tomorrow’s not happening in the CTA business.
  • Before—Encourage your readers to get something before time runs out or before everyone beats them to it.
  • Ends—“Sale ends at midnight.” Expirations and deadlines prompt action.

Bonus:  Call to action colors…

The 3 best call to action colors are Red, Green, and Orange as they stand out on most web pages.  The most important thing to remember is that your call to action buttons should have a healthy contrast from the background of your website. If they do, you will likely see your buttons being clicked far more, which will increase your leads and sales.

Now that you have read through this list, you can see why they are so compelling.  I know from my own experience, I have clicked through several times, just because of compelling words.  Many businesses know this, and make a darn good living off of it.  Are you ready to try some of these words?  Let me know how they work for you, in the comments below.

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