Valley Creative Agency has been designing websites for various businesses in North America for 15 years.  Our combined website experience is 20+ years, and we still have some of our original customers – How Awesome is that!

You probably noticed that we have redone our own website (ValleyCreativeAgency.com), and turned it into a membership website.  We noticed that there was a real need for people to learn how to build and market their businesses.  With that in mind, we felt that we could lend our own experience in that particular area.  So we created a one stop shop where the pre business start ups, and the businesses that need a bit of help, could sign up and learn all that they need to get going and get their business up and running.   You can work through the modules at your own pace, and then enter the private Facebook group and ask questions of other people that are also members.

We still offer all our great services, like web design,  SEO, and social media, but now we offer a more in-depth option for those that need some extra help.  Feel free to contact us for more information 604-819-4520.


Kayla – Chief Imagination Officer

Kayla’s favorite sport is mini golf, if you can call that a sport…LOL!

“There is nothing better than spending a few hours in the sun and enjoying a few rounds of mini golf to start your day.”

In her free time she enjoys reading, photography, drawing, painting, gardening & baking. When she’s not in the office, you can find her out and about with friends enjoying one of cities many restaurants, festivals, or sporting events.

She is an animal lover, and owns 2 Chihuahuas that she rescued from Mexico.  Both Bella and Daisy benefit from being spoiled rotten, and loved dearly by everyone.  Puppy dog kisses are very popular here!

Kayla is a very compassionate person, and has looked after her elderly, handicapped mother for 18 years.

“Her mother has taught her not to take herself too seriously, and to find something to laugh about daily.” 

I would not be the person I am today, without all that my mother has taught me.

Kayla received her education and training at Mount Royal University, and S.A.I.T. in Calgary, Alberta.

chilliwack web design

Robb – Owner and Chief Designer

Robb’s favorite sport is golf, and he definitely calls it a sport…LOL  He likes to start his day with a fresh brew of coffee, and YouTube, nothing makes him happier.

“Coffee & YouTube are the best morning combination.”

In his free time he enjoys working out, playing games, fixing the house, and playing with the dogs.  When he is not in the office, you can find him out with Kayla enjoying one of the cities attractions or on a road trip to a beach nearby.

His favorite city in the world is New York, and he loves the New York Frankfurters Hot Dogs.  New York city never sleeps, and there is always something to do, which makes it so exciting & such an attraction.

“According to him, you have not had a hot dog, until you have had a Frankfurters Hot Dog!”

Robb has his Masters in Computer Science, and has done web design for many fortune 500 companies.   He prefers PC’s over Apple, but owns both and would not be caught dead without his iPhone.  He also prefers PS4 over XBox, and writes Santa about his gaming list every year.  Yes, he still believes in Santa Claus!

He does most of the cooking around the house, and comes up with some very creative and delicious meals.  He paid for his education by cooking in some high end, fancy restaurants, and his favorite food to cook is bacon… what did you expect?

“Bacon is Awesome!”

Speaking of Bacon, we have 2 Chief Happiness Officers, that love bacon…

Meet Bella (white) and Daisy (Black) our Mexican Rescues.  They are 5 and 4 year olds who are committed to engaging and motivating everyone who comes in contact with Valley Creative Agency.  They make sure everyone takes a break, and encourages people to pet and cuddle them.  Oh, and they love cookies and don’t mind if you have some.  Bella also loves her toys, with her favorite being the squeaky ones.  Daisy is more of a teddy bear girl, with her favorite being a blue teddy.

Dave – Website Designer

Dave is a coffee, bacon and eggs kind of guy, but tends to just have coffee in the mornings as he tends to get up early and enjoys the sunrises.  He has many years of experience building and working on computers.  He started designing websites about 10 years ago, and has never looked back.  He sides with Kayla when it comes to mini golf, one of his favorite things to enjoy in the summer, along with spending time at the beach enjoying the sun and waves.

“Life’s a beach”

Dave’s favorite TV shows include NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Kevin can wait, King of Queens, and many others.  He also enjoys renovating his house, and all the how to shows on TV that give him plenty of ideas and laughs along the way.  Every once and a while he invites everyone over to enjoy a bar-b-q and a few beers on the weekend.  We all agree that he knows how to cook, but his funny stories are the best.  With so much fun and laughter going on at his place, it is amazing that anything gets done.

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